Contrary to popular belief, creative writing can be a shared, social activity. Invisible Ink’s founder, Amanda Block, is a firm believer in the power of face-to-face feedback, collaboration, and group learning. Through her work in classrooms and with writers’ groups, she has witnessed first-hand the many benefits of exchanging ideas, experiences, and—of course—stories.



Amanda currently teaches novel-writing and beginner, intermediate and advanced creative writing with the City of Edinburgh Council’s Adult Education Programme. She has also taught creative writing to young adults with ISSOS International Summer Schools, run writing workshops in both the UK and Switzerland, and chaired events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival


If you are an individual or organisation looking for a creative writing teacher or workshop facilitator, Amanda would love to hear from you. She is particularly interested in working with new writers, establishing writing groups and communities, and exploring writing for wellbeing.



If you are an individual looking for regular, one-to-one guidance on a specific writing project, you might want to try Mentoring.


If you are an individual looking for feedback on a complete or partially complete writing project, you might want to try Manuscript Assessment.


For more information about Amanda Block’s experience, see About Us


Get in touch! Amanda is available for both one-off workshops and longer courses, especially (but not exclusively) in Edinburgh and the surrounding area. Fees are negotiable, and dependent on the size and timescale of the project.

Amanda has been leading a beginners' group for aspiring writers over a ten week period in Edinburgh. Such was the response to her able leadership, the whole of the group requested a more advanced course, which will, thankfully,  follow shortly… I look forward to the new class.

- Yvonne Teague, Creative Writing Course: Beginner

Amanda’s enthusiasm, gentle encouragement and constructive feedback were so inspiring in my early days of writing. As leader of our writers’ group in Geneva, her instinctive knowledge of storytelling helped us craft the stories we were trying to tell… This regular practice of writing and revising gave me the courage to create the stories I felt were missing in the world. I think of Amanda every time I see someone write for the first time and express, with so much surprise, “I can write a story!” The confidence it brings can change lives – it certainly changed mine.

- Helen Patuck, Creative Director of Kitabna

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