At Invisible Ink, we specialise in ghostwriting, mentoring, manuscript assessment, and teaching and workshops. But our skilled writers and editors have a vast array of experience, so our team may also be able to help you in one of the following areas:  


Editing and Proofreading: fiction, non-fiction, online content, reports, articles


Content Writing: websites, blogs, features, promotional material, newsletters


Manuscript Assessment (aside from fiction and life-writing): works of non-fiction, poetry collections, scripts, screenplays; smaller works like short stories, articles, poems


Chairing and Facilitating Literary Eventsbook launches, book festivals, school visits, author appearances


Please let us know if we can help you with one or more of the above, or with any other literary service. Prices are negotiable, and dependent on the size and timescale of the work.

Visual storytelling can be difficult when it's only on paper. My mentor’s expertise has helped me create more engaging stories, fill plot-holes and develop characters for my screenplays without altering my original idea. Invisible Ink was a delight to work with and I cannot recommend them enough!

Krisztián Kiss, filmmaker and producer, KNK Productions

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