Writing a book is an intense and personal process, so once the words are on the page it’s difficult to be objective; to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of your own work, and to know exactly what to do in order to improve your manuscript.


Our manuscript assessment service may be for you if…


  • You’ve started writing a novel and aren’t sure it’s going in the right direction.

  • You’ve reached the end of a first draft and would like some feedback before you embark on a rewrite.

  • You’ve redrafted your work several times and would like some final advice before you send it out to an agent or publisher.


Whatever stage you’ve reached, Invisible Ink’s manuscript assessment service will provide a thorough evaluation of your work-in-progress.

One of our experienced readers will examine your story from every angle, looking at the structure and momentum of the plot, the effectiveness and credibility of the characters, settings, and dialogue, and the quality and consistency of the writing itself. Your reader will then write a comprehensive report specifying what you’re doing well and what you can improve upon, along with plenty of practical tips and suggestions for redrafting and self-editing your work.


Invisible Ink specialises in fiction and life writing, so our readers are eager to receive literary novels, genre novels (such as crime, historical, romance, fantasy, and science fiction), short story collections, novels aimed at children and young adults, autobiographies, biographies, and memoirs.


If your manuscript is a work of non-fiction, a poetry collection, a script, a screenplay or something else entirely, we’d still love to help, so please do get in touch and we will strive to find the right reader for you (see also, Other Services).



Invisible Ink offers two types of manuscript assessment: an Opening Chapters Report and a Complete Draft Report. In both cases, your reader’s feedback will be approximately 2,000 words (around 4 pages).


For an Opening Chapters Report, please submit the first three chapters of your manuscript, a brief synopsis of the whole book, and a cover letter outlining any specific areas in which you would like guidance.


For a Complete Draft Report, please submit your whole manuscript, and a cover letter telling us a bit about the book (for example, whether this if the first or fifth draft) and outlining any specific areas in which you would like guidance.


  1. Send Us Your Manuscript 
    If you’ve decided this service is for you, get in touch and send us your manuscript, cover letter, and—if necessary—synopsis. We will then have a look over your submission in order to find you the best reader for your work.

  2. Receive Your Reader Report
    Within 14 days, we will be back in touch with your reader report.

  3. Book a Consultation (optional)
    After you have read through your report, you may wish to book a phone consultation with your reader, in order to ask questions and discuss your manuscript further. This is a free, optional service, and should take no longer than 30 minutes.



Opening Chapters Report: £200

Complete Draft Report (under 50,000 words): £350

Complete Draft Report (up to 100,000 words): £450

The above rates are based on the time it takes to read and assess your work. If your manuscript is far longer than 100,000 words, far shorter than 50,000 words, or if you want your report written more quickly than 14 days, please let us know and we can discuss a price.


Get in touch! You can email us your manuscript straight away, or we’d be happy to talk to you over the phone or via email if you have any questions about our manuscript assessment service.


If you don’t think your manuscript is ready for a reader, and want more guidance through the writing process, you might want to try Mentoring.


If you’re looking for a professional author to write, co-write or rewrite your manuscript, you might want to try Ghostwriting.


If you’re looking for an editor, or feedback on something other than a novel or life writing, you might want to try Other Services.

Invisible Ink has provided us with creative strategy, concept building, editing and manuscript assessment. We have packaged several books, and each time their mentors have launched creative ideas that have taken our concepts to new heights. Their knowledge of the publishing world, as well as their speed and ability to think outside of the box, has provided many of our authors with the inspiration they have needed to drive their books home.

- Joey Quince, Editorial Director of White Mountain Books

Amanda has been a key figure in my transition to the understanding of my creative processes. She is wonderful.

- Karen MacLean, Creative Writing Course: Intermediate

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