A ghostwriter is a professional author commissioned to write or rewrite a piece of text on someone else's behalf. Ghostwriting is fairly common practice within the publishing industry, particularly when creating (auto)biographical works and genre fiction.


Everyone has a story to share, but you might not have the time, know-how, inclination or confidence to write your own. Our ghostwriting service may be for you if…


  • You have an idea or outline for a book, and would like an expert to get the words onto the page.


  • You’ve written the first draft of a novel, but would like it rewritten in order to make it more compelling, literary or marketable.


  • You’ve been storing up anecdotes about an interesting life (either your own or someone else’s) and the time is finally right to collate them in a book.

Whatever the project, Invisible Ink’s experienced, internationally-published ghostwriters are keen to collaborate with you, and turn your ideas, opinions and voice into high-quality text. We work both with clients who intend to publish and clients who want to write a book as a keepsake, hobby or family project—to us, all stories are unique and important. 



Invisible Ink specialises in fiction and life writing, so our ghostwriters are eager to work on literary novels, genre novels (such as crime, historical, fantasy, and science fiction), short story collections, novels aimed at children and young adults, autobiographies, biographies, and memoirs.


If you have an idea or outline for a work of non-fiction, a poetry collection, a screenplay, or something else entirely, we’d still love to help, so please do get in touch and we will strive to find the right ghostwriter for you (see also, Other Services).





In short: you. Before the writing process begins, Invisible Ink will send you a contract. This will confirm that the text will become your intellectual property as soon as we receive payment, and you can be credited as its official author.


When the project is complete, you may want to mention your ghostwriter in the acknowledgements, or even list them as a co-author, but this is entirely up to you.




At Invisible Ink, we treat every client as an individual, so our approach to your writing project will vary, depending on how much initial material you have, how heavily you wish to be involved in the writing process, and the type and timescale of the job. Generally, though, our ghostwriting service works as follows:


  1. Introduce Yourself
    If you think this service might be for you, get in touch and tell us your ideas. Once we have sense of what you want to write, we can discuss how it will work, how much it will cost, and find you the best ghostwriter for your project. 

  2. Planning
    Unless you already have a plan in place, you and your ghostwriter will start by brainstorming and organising ideas for your project. In most cases, and certainly for longer works, your ghostwriter will then put together a detailed plan of what you are going to write together (which obviously may change as the project develops).

  3. Writing
    This will probably be the lengthiest stage of the process. Most likely, you will dictate to your ghostwriter one section or chapter at a time, as per your plan. They will then craft your words into prose and send it to you for any necessary amendments. This regular contact means you will be kept informed of all developments, and retain creative control of your work.

  4. Review
    Once the manuscript is complete, and after you have had an opportunity to read it all through, you may want another consultation with your ghostwriter, in order to make any final alterations to your work. (Please note: this is not an edit. Although our ghostwriters are accomplished and meticulous, we strongly suggest you consider having your work professionally edited before you approach an agent, publisher, or before you self-publish. Invisible Ink can advise on this further if required.)





Again, this is dependent on the project, and how much time it will take to complete, but fees are negotiable, will be agreed upon in advance, and there will be no hidden costs.


To give you a general idea, Invisible Ink’s hourly and daily ghostwriting rates are as follows:


Consultation (Planning and Review): £30 per hour; £200 per day

Writing: £40 per hour; £275 per day


However, it may be easier and more cost-effective to agree upon a set amount for the whole project, which can either be paid in advance, or in monthly instalments.




Get in touch! We can’t wait to hear your ideas and start collaborating on your project. We’re also aware that ghostwriting can seem like a complex process, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about this service.




If you would like to write a book yourself and want guidance through the writing process, you might want to try Mentoring.


If you have written or started writing a book and would like some constructive feedback before redrafting or approaching an agent, you might want to try Manuscript Assessment.


If you’re looking for an editor, or feedback on something other than a novel or life writing, you might want to try Other Services.

I’ve always wanted to write an old-fashioned detective novel, but had no idea where to start. Invisible Ink supported me every step of the way, from planning every twist and turn of the plot to revealing ‘whodunnit’. Thank you.

- Aiden Patterson, author of 'Mystery in Westminster Square'

I cannot speak highly enough of my collaboration with the Invisible Ink Literary Consultancy… [My ghostwriter] understood straight away that this was a deeply personal project for me, and her knowledge of traditional tales elevated the book far beyond my initial expectations. Thanks to her guidance and expertise, I am finally able to share the stories of my childhood with a wider audience.

- Reda al-Dabbagh, author of 'Grandmother’s Stories: Tales from Old Syria'

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